Monday, July 27, 2009

Hamare Zamane Mein

Aisa nahi tha! Seriously, I dont understand how Wasim Akram could call today's bowler's lazy, or lacking ambition (read it in the Indian Express this morn). While I respect his point of view on most things, as a detached observer, I do feel that things may be totally different now than what they were a decade or so back. 20/20. IPL. Money before country. Coaches galore. Media scrutiny. Match after Match.

I dont know if things have remained the same anymore for fitness levels- and I mean mind as well- take Trescothik's plight for example. What would you have done, Wasim Bhai, if you faced these temptations and hurdles? Would you still go to the nets and practise hard- what you recommend- or would you rest your weary body and mind?

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