Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Acceptable sledging.... there even such a concept? How do cricket teams and officials actually determine what is acceptable vs. what is not?
E.g. is calling someone a monkey (as was allegedly done by Harbhajan Singh to Andrew Symonds) racism and hence unacceptable? Is questioning some cricketer's wifes' / sisters' promiscuity acceptable just because it is part of some country's players aggressive upbringing?
Who draws the line in such circumstances? Are they umpires? Players who run to officials? Or the match referee? And who constitutes what is acceptable over what is not?


  1. Warne once said, it doesn't affect the good players, and the bad ones are gonna get out anyway. So why make so much noise about it? :)

  2. The noise was made when the Aussies (Warnies team) whinged about alleged racism when their bully (Symonds) got a taste of his own medicine.

  3. Sledging or provocative verbal abuse is a personal engagement between two players, so the onus is essentially upon the participating players themselves on how to handle it. One man's monkey is another's swine.

    The good players know better than to lose focus from their core competency - namely batting and/or bowling. The not so bright ones respond to provocation to their own peril.

  4. no wonder the Indians thrashed the Aussies and they had to get the umpires to help hem out...