Sunday, August 2, 2009

The 'Pampered'

How many times have we heard the popular statements 'these cricketers get so much money' or 'they just don't deserve the amount of attention' ,'they just want money,and doesn't matter how' .The cricketers also indulge in other 'outrageous' activities like buying expensive and premium range objects like the odd Ferrari or more recently the 'Hummer' or some approach the government for pieces of land for houses or coaching centres .Some of these cricketers also act in movies and get paid for that too......pampered all right.I for one can't explain why this happens,why he attracts these extreme reactions adulation and down right Butt kicking all i can say is that they are phenomenons and nothing short of that,how? Firstly the break through from sheer number of players probably hundreds of thousands playing for clubs ,districts states and the zones and then to be a part of the elite XI...phenomenon, not to forget the journey of becoming this phenomenon is countless hours of sweaty practice and training sessions and the emotional roller coaster : anxiety before every selection ,dejection or exhultation after it, do they deserve it then?
I have never heard anyone complain about a film actor doing too many commercials ,adding to his bank balance or buying an expensive car , but the player who has the Ferrari is expected to go out face the fastest ,best bowlers in the world and win us everything that he plays in,a very blatant case of double standards but who cares.
So who's the 'Pampered' ?

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