Thursday, July 23, 2009

The 'Ban'

Guys , this might ruffle a few feathers, but I for one, sincerely feel that we need to ban the 'match referee' if anyone at all, reason : We are watching a very natural game played in an unnatural way.
I have this memory of watching a certain Dennis Lillee charging in to bowl the first ball of a test match to a another certain Roy Fredricks , wearing the 'Maroon' baggy on a hard Waca/Gabba/Sabina park wicket ,He lets go a quick mid pitcher, Fredricks hooks over long leg for six ............Lillee almost kissing distance to Fredricks ,frothing in the mouth letting go mouthfuls a plenty and Fredricks not valuing his life at all giving him the 'two finger salute'such similar 'friendly gestures' all this after the first ball of a test match is on. Consider the slippers then Ian and Greg Chappell, Doug Walters and of course the keeper Rodney Marsh not the quietest lot ever,have you started expecting the drama to follow,the trend thats being set here, just the excitement of a heated battle between two very talented,proud and competitive sides. The thing i do not like to do is compare eras,but if you compare today's proceedings an equally quick bowler lets it rip,a batsman cuts or pulls for a boundary and the fast bowler smiles even occasionally taps him on the back or shoulder ,give me a break guys and these magnificent players too, just let them be.
I, as a spectator watch the game because of the massive entertainment factor is provides via talent and temperament of the players and Iwould not want to subdue it one bit.I do not believe in the old cliche that its just a game ,no one would tear a intercostal(abdominal) muscle were it 'just a game'.
This is entertainment and so it should be,a no holds barred contest, a complete freedom to win.
Then, in more ways than one ,we have a 'WINNER'.


  1. so true.
    want some aggression in cricket.
    ban the match referee's.

  2. I totally Agree...
    The Game is played by humans, so human behavior in different situations will be visible. Some can be seen angry, and still be performing their skill as if nothing happened. But some cant....
    They loose their cool and cant do what they are suppose to do as a player...
    This is where we compare "Temperament" of two different individuals...
    Cricket, as most would agree, is played a lot in your mind!
    But as a spectator its actually fun to see a bit of banter, a bit of aggression unless it gets ugly.