Monday, July 20, 2009

A Body of Flint

Well, well, well. Wonder if it was just the psychological aspect of Freddie Flintoff knowing that he can push his body for this Lord's test that resulted in him becoming a match winning super quick?
I'm sure he was inspired by the Mecca of Cricket, but I think the reason that he forgot that he was retiring due to a body that was more broken than not was cause he got it right in his mind.

And by the way, what a nice way to start this blog: The Joy of Cricket with my fellow bloggers. Ranjit and Shree have joined up and we'll keep this running. Anyone else want to contribute, do apply to yours truly.

1 comment:

  1. given the condition of flintoffs knee he should have been used in 5 overs spell but thats when ur mind takes over ur body he was determined to take england to the oval test with a lead n he did it n how? bowling 90+mph consistently npicking up 5 wickets in brute fashion.wonder what a fully fit freddie could have delivered?hail freddie the gr88