Thursday, August 27, 2009

The 'Phantoms' of world cricket

The recently concluded 'Ashes' series was as poor as the ratings of the two teams involved,a contest between a 3rd now 4Th rated team ( and it lost) and a one bordering on the 6Th and was on 7Th before it began. Ashes to ashes ,the series was a bust but enough said of the Ashes,its the ratings that are real sad reflection of the true picture.I ,for one am at a loss how South Africa ,who was beaten by Australia last time round are no.1 ,Sri lanka who have lost the last series to India are no.2 and India besides beating Australia ,England And New Zealand are no.3 .
These are the official rankings of the best team in the world or the order in which they should be rated ,here's is one question that remains to unanswered over the last decade, Australia was the dominant team and out of the 7 /seven series played between Australia and India it stays tied at 3 each with one drawn, in this event India should have been really close to being no.1 if not no.1 at least no.2 but how many remember India being no.2 and at the moment India is at no.3 with the 'nakli' teams South Africa and Sri Lanka at no.1 and no.2 .The 'phantoms' of world cricket


  1. There is clash of perception here.

    While most people would use the current (short term) assessment to rank a team, and logically so, the ICC uses a past-3 year assessment for its own ranking.

    On current form India is doubtlessly the best overall cricketing side out there (Test+ODI combined), with no disrespect to SA or SL who too are on a roll.

    Sri Lanka is admittedly the real McCoy here. But with India just 3 and 1 point away from the top spot in the Test and ODI rankings, it is just a matter of a couple of good months of cricket before it should rise to the top....but then again it is entirely dependent on India producing the goods when required.

  2. we talk about cricket being a game to be played ball by ball.... and then we have rating system which is spread over a long period , involiving shit loads of parameters and wht not.... unless they are going to shell out some extra bucks for top rated players or for knocking out a top team, how wud it matter or imagine giving a handicap to a lower ranked team ...e.g bangladesh team starts match with australia with 50 runs already on board !!

    I think it's just one more of the media gimmicks ... CEAT rating !!!! i bet CEAt paid thru it's ass to get this brand going... whts the connect ? .. NUTHIN !!!
    c'mon seriously , who wud are if a player X is rated no. 1 .. does it convert ot brand pull for CEAT..