Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Yet another post..

..on Sachin T. Yup, and given his purple patch over the last 2 years why not I say! It seems to me, at least, that he has finally put to rest the very real fear (in minds of his rabid supporters) that Ricky Ponting will go past his aggregate of test runs and / or test match 100's. His batting itself has transformed majestically over the last 2 years - is it just me who feels that an erstwhile Team India coach - actually contributed to his decline over the 2005-07 years? :)

Anyway, here is to the master. May you keep scoring runs like you are now; till the day you choose to retire!

PS - for the record, this has been the FIRST post on this blog for all of 2010! Either all of us cricket fanatics are tired of writing, or the sport, or both?

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