Tuesday, November 24, 2009

The consistent Viewer

Nothing peculiar about this one, about the last test played India V Sri Lanka, Team India outplayed in the test for a large amount of time ie: days / sessions whichever way you look at it .....no issues ,agreed & accepted.
Moving on as an Indian its important that atleast I do and look ahead, what I got from this match as a spectator
a) We won the toss batted ,
b)Almost lost the game in the first hour /saved it when we shouldn't have
c)Extremely good defensive batting while staging a comeback in the game by Dravid ,Yuvraj and Dhoni
d)Played out five sessions to draw the game (we certainly would have lost it 10 years ago)
e) At the end of the game Sangakara was annoyed and we had the usual cheerful captain,
These observation might not sound like the usual positive & optimistic Indian spectator, but that's just me.
Regards to all


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  3. One of the pristine joys of cricket is to watch the incorrigible Virendra Sehwag go about mowing down his opponents.

    Is there any other batsman you have seen who would make the bowlers look more stupid ?

    How do you define this guy, and his completely different brand of cricket ?