Wednesday, October 7, 2009

The 'Champions' trophy

Guys ,sorry for the absence, but I did not have anything to write about or for that matter nothing happened. On to the recently concluded "Champions trophy " which went by a very predictable script.The two/three high profile teams namely India ,Sri Lanka and the perpetual chokers South Africa came and went without a whimper.The surprise was England, always a team which has players who have played more cricket(all formats) than any other team , but never win the knockout games having played three world cup finals in 79,87 and 92 lost all three, to be fair to them they do provide a certain flavour.Sri Lanka ,never a deserving 2ND or 3rd team* started with a fantastic win over South Africa and then lost steam, South Africa, tried to gain momentum couldn't and India never began anything disappointing to say the least.West Indies are fun to watch whether they have the players or just play plain athletes they all look and play the same way ,they couldn't care less.New Zealand as usual a good and competitive one day side at best consistent.Pakistan ,well are Pakistan full value for money bowling and batting was awesome.
The least talked about team came and without a lot of fuss won the damned thing,the reigning 'Champions' of world cricket literally no media ,no talk , high calibre cricket = victory
This was always the 'Champions' Trophy(pun very much intended).

* Read the one on ratings

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